Example Blog Post

Write for human users, not just for search engines. It’s not not worth writing if it’s not worth commenting on or sharing.

Search engines like to see at least 300, ideally 400-600 words of unique text on each page.

The keyword should be used in the main title (H1 heading), and in at least 50% of the other headings. The page should be broken up by sub-headings (H2 or H3 headings) with roughly one heading per 150 words of content.

The keyword should be used 5 times throughout the page, and also appear in bold

  • and in a list.

Variations of the keyword and other related keywords should be used throughout the text.

The text of every blog post should link to 1 or 2 other relevant pages on your site. Use keyword-rich anchor text to link to the relevant pages.

The text should end with a call-to-action, which is a critical element of content writing. All content should provide real benefit to the reader, and encourage them to take further action towards securing a conversion.

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